Why Workplace Cleanliness Matters: 5 Major Benefits of a Clean Office

A clean office is an important factor for overall business success. Booking professional office cleaning services to maintain a sanitary and welcoming work environment provides many advantages in the highly competitive Greater Toronto Area market.

To reap the benefits of a clean workplace, managers and owners must understand the relationship between cleanliness and business success.

What are the benefits of a clean and organized workplace?

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A business that doesn’t meet expected hygiene levels may become non-compliant with the local health and safety codes. This is particularly important for common areas such as the kitchen, break rooms and restrooms where contact with germs and bacteria can put an employee’s health at risk. Unsanitary workplace conditions may result in warnings, hefty fines or even closure of the facility. Investing in a quality janitorial and commercial cleaning service protects your staff and your business.

Here are 5 more key benefits of a tidy and hygienic workplace:

1. Helps to minimize sickness

Regular cleaning and disinfection is your best defence against the spread of germs in an office. Implementing a robust maintenance cleaning routine also prevents build-up of dust and other allergens that contribute to poor indoor air quality. These problems have a direct impact on employee daily performance and well-being. Companies that fail to maintain a sanitary work environment are likely to see an increase in illness and sick days among their staff. This can lead to significant productivity and financial losses.

2. Prevents the risk of accidents or injuries

Subscribing to a porter service with a cleaner on-site to quickly mop up spills and keep the floors clean and clear of moisture tracked in from outside will help prevent slips and falls in your facility. “Prevention is better than cure” may be an old adage, but for companies that understand the importance of workplace safety, it is a mantra for success. Janitorial maintenance cleaning puts a strong emphasis on accident prevention and proactively supports a key business metric – the health and safety of your employees and visitors to your facility.

3. Sends the right signals

A consistently clean office demonstrates care and respect for your staff. This boosts morale and makes it easier to attract and retain the right type of employee. Clients also expect to be greeted by a professionally cleaned space when they enter your premises. Your effort to ensure an environment that is both clean and aesthetically pleasing will pay dividends in employee and client satisfaction.

4. Protects the company’s assets

When left unchecked, dust and dirt buildup can shorten the life of electronic devices such as computers, printers, copiers and air conditioning systems. It can also lead to increased wear or cause damage to furniture, floor coverings and fixtures. Continuous neglect may result in necessary and costly renovations to restore and make the facility look presentable again. Proactive office maintenance cleaning not only protects your assets, it saves money!

5. Avoids problems with the landlord

Business owners who lease their office space will usually sign a rental agreement that, among other things, requires them to keep the commercial property in a good condition, which may include regular cleaning. Failing to comply with these requirements can have legal and monetary consequences.

Where can I book reliable office cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area?

Where can I book reliable office cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area

As a business owner or manager, you want to have the right janitorial and commercial cleaning company in your corner. An office that is always clean, safe and inviting sends a clear message to clients and employees that you value them and care about the well-being of anyone who enters your premises.

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