Detailed. Reliable. Responsive.

What differentiates Facility Pro from other cleaning services

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    Performing “the details” is Facility Pro’s specialty. Plus, our services are fully customized to the level of detail, amount of cleaning and frequency that you want for your business. Together, we will create a cleaning plan and schedule that meets your needs.
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    A high level of professionalism. We’ve been told many times by clients that our office and cleaning staff are very professional. At Facility Pro, we want our clients to feel comfortable that they have chosen a company that is well-organized, customer service oriented and that will do its best to protect their interests. Facility Pro has general liability insurance, pays into Workers’ Compensation Insurance and remits all government taxes. Operating honestly and ethically is the foundation of our company.
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    A focus on hiring and retaining excellent employees. All of our employees undergo a comprehensive training program that is followed up with ongoing support to provide them the knowledge and skills to be effective at their jobs. We strive for high employee satisfaction and believe that this leads to a culture where our staff go the extra mile for our clients. Our excellent employee retention record also allows us to provide our clients with the consistency of the same cleaners each visit.
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    We actively seek out your feedback and we guarantee our work. Every single cleaning we do includes our Facility Pro Clean Guarantee. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with our work and we invite you to complete our quality feedback survey after every visit to tell us how we’re doing. If there is ever anything you want done differently to better ensure your satisfaction, please don’t hesitate to let us know! We value your feedback and will promptly address any concerns.

Meet Our Founder and Owner – Carol Dinn

Carol Dinn launched her first cleaning company, Hire A Maid, in 2008. Under her leadership, the company has performed more than 80,000 cleanings, grew to become the Greater Toronto Area’s premier home cleaning company and has won multiple awards for its outstanding cleaning quality, customer service and dependability.

Carol brings to the cleaning industry 10-plus years of experience in the corporate world managing and launching successful products for two of the top Canadian corporations. Prior to founding Hire A Maid, Carol worked as a Director of product management at CIBC and before this, she managed heating and cooling services and plans for Enbridge Home Services. She understands the needs and demands of business owners and managers to provide a clean and healthy environment for their employees and clients, and to meet regulatory safety requirements.

A passion for cleaning and providing exceptional service

At the root of Carol’s success is her passion for cleaning and making a difference for her clients. Her highly organized systematic approach, extensive experience in managing and motivating staff, and her commitment to customer service excellence ensures a strong foundation for client satisfaction.

With the advent of COVID-19, Carol observed a large gap in commercial and janitorial cleaning services for the new level of detail needed by businesses to disinfect thoroughly and effectively. Carol launched Facility Pro to bring to business owners the same high level of exacting cleaning quality and service that homeowners have enjoyed from Hire A Maid since 2008.

“The reception we’ve received from business owners has been incredible! We’ve taken away their frustration of trying to get their current cleaners to conform to the new reality. Detail is what we do! And we are extremely pleased that we can offer our services to businesses who value quality and view this as a must-have to keep their employees and customers happy, and to meet government mandated cleaning standards.”