Detailed Commercial Cleaning Services for Car Dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area

Keeping your showroom pristine and impressive

Car dealerships are synonymous with gleaming, luxurious, immaculate spaces. This level of cleanliness requires extreme attention to detail. The look and feel of your showroom is an integral part of your customers’ car buying experience. Afterall, it serves as the backdrop for a major financial decision. Let our team of professional cleaners help you maintain a sparkling clean showroom that leaves a lasting impression.

Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning is a respected provider of professional cleaning services for car dealerships across the Greater Toronto Area. We perform meticulous, superior quality cleanings to keep your premises safe for staff and visitors, and to help you maintain your reputation as a trusted automotive dealership.

What sets Facility Pro apart?

Outstanding industry track record

With more than 13 years of industry experience, Facility Pro’s award-winning management has built our business on the core principles of integrity and service excellence. We’re proud of our record as a premier cleaning service in the Greater Toronto Area.

WSIB protected & liability insured cleaners

Facility Pro cleaners are liability insured and WSIB protected to ensure your security and peace of mind. All cleaners we hire have been carefully vetted and they share our commitment and enthusiasm for taking care of clients.

Dedicated customer support

When you have questions, our friendly and responsive customer support team is ready to help. We proactively seek your feedback to provide a cleaning service that meets your needs and delivers the best value.

Facility Pro Clean Guarantee

Every single cleaning includes our Facility Pro Clean Guarantee. This means doing the job right to keep you happy and providing prompt return service to fix any concerns, at no extra cost.

Streamlined janitorial & commercial cleaning for car dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area

We have fine-tuned every step of our process to consistently bring exceptional service quality to our clients

Contact us via phone, email or through our online form to let us know your requirements and any special considerations for your dealership. Experience responsive and professional customer service that puts you first.


Our team will provide a free on-site quote and develop a customized cleaning plan and checklist that meets the needs of your dealership. Your business is unique, and so too should be your car dealership cleaning service.


Our experienced team of car dealership cleaning staff are at your service to provide your facility the cleaning it needs, the car buying experience your customers want, and the peace of mind that you can count on us to deliver.

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Our car dealership cleaning services bring multiple benefits

A professionally cleaned showroom is a powerful way to convey respect and reassurance in a sales environment. Having perfectly waxed and buffed floors, sanitized restrooms, clean and organized desks, crystal clear windows, and an immaculate looking showroom sets the stage for a positive buying experience that helps you reach your sales goals. A healthy facility also keeps your staff feeling safe and motivated to do what they do best!

Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning has the expertise and resources necessary to provide a comprehensive car dealership cleaning service which is essential for the successful operation of your business.

Fully customized janitorial & commercial cleaning for car dealerships

Whether your showroom is located in Downtown Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill or Oshawa, Facility Pro delivers our car dealership cleaning service with consistent quality to achieve your high standards. We will create a customized cleaning plan that meets the specific needs of your dealership.

You can enhance your cleaning service by including specialized tasks such as power washing, window cleaning, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, or post-construction cleaning. Our team of industry professionals will take care of every detail to make sure the instructions of your custom cleaning plan are followed and your dealership is sparkling clean and ready for business the moment you open the doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Facility Pro Clean Guarantee entail?

We provide exceptional quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services for car dealerships throughout the Greater Toronto Area. To consistently achieve this high standard of service and meet your expectations, we created our Facility Pro Clean Guarantee.

The Facility Pro Clean Guarantee ensures your satisfaction with:

  • Extremely detailed, customized cleaning services
  • Carefully vetted and extensively trained cleaners
  • Responsive, efficient and friendly customer service
  • Prompt return service to address any concerns and keep you happy

Does your commercial car dealership cleaning service include disinfection?

Our cleaning services for car dealerships are designed to protect the health of your staff and clients by keeping your facility compliant with Ontario health and safety regulations. Facility Pro cleaners are trained on our disinfection and sanitation procedures to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone who works in or visits your car dealership in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our cleaning professionals adhere to best practices that include:

  • Using appropriate tools and cleaning solutions to disinfect high-touch surfaces
  • Following protocols that remove the risk of cross-contamination and limit the spread of pathogens
  • Taking a “safety first” approach with all tasks
  • Practicing 6-foot social distancing
  • Wearing gloves and face masks
  • Adhering to our systematic procedures to deliver consistent, high quality results

What is the hiring process for your cleaners?

Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning has a rigorous screening and training process to find and retain cleaning staff who are obsessed about the details, enjoy what they do and share our passion for providing outstanding janitorial and commercial cleaning service. 

Our cleaners must:

  • Pass a criminal record check
  • Undergo a comprehensive interview
  • Complete our extensive training program
  • Comply with all health and safety protocols
  • Adhere to our systematic and effective cleaning procedures
  • Have an exceptional eye for detail
  • Be passionate about providing top-notch service

Why are car dealership cleaning services important?

Walk into any successful automotive dealership in the world and you will see rows of gleaming vehicles parked on immaculate, sparkling floors. There should be nothing unsightly or out of place in a car dealership showroom to distract from the appeal of the vehicles on display. 

Your attention to cleanliness is critical to support the image of your brand and the integrity of your dealership. Having your facility professionally cleaned also helps keep your employees motivated, reduces absenteeism due to illness, and ensures adherence to government health and safety requirements.

Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning specializes in helping car dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area look their very best in the highly competitive automotive sales industry. We offer fully customizable solutions and follow a streamlined multi-step process designed to provide superb commercial cleaning for your car dealership in the Greater Toronto Area.

What does commercial car dealership cleaning involve?

Facility Pro car dealership cleaning services are designed to address the cleaning requirements of your facility.

Our service includes cleaning:

  • High touch areas such as doors, door handles, door frames, counters
  • The showroom and office areas
  • Customer areas, restrooms, break areas, kitchens
  • Spot cleaning walls and windows (full window washing is available as an add-on service)
  • Service bay doors and floors
  • Specialty services such as window cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and more

Your custom cleaning checklist can be enhanced to keep your dealership sparking year-round with speciality services such as window cleaning, hard floor care, carpet cleaning, power washing and day porter services. If required, we also offer post-construction clean-up service.

How do you clean floors in a car dealership showroom?

The showroom floor of a car dealership should be spotless and gleaming at all times to compliment the perfectly glistening vehicles on display. Proper floor care treatment can prevent stains, restore the like-new appearance of your flooring and avoid premature replacement. Our professionals in car dealership cleaning services use state-of-the-art equipment and products, and promptly deal with spills, dirt or corrosive elements like salt in the winter time, to keep your floors in a great condition.

How much do you charge to clean a car dealership?

The cost of a commercial cleaning service for car dealerships is determined by various factors, including the square footage of the facility, the number of rooms or work spaces to be cleaned, the service frequency, and any specialty services required. 

For your convenience, Facility Pro Commercial & Office Cleaning enables you to request a free on-site, no-obligation estimate by filling out our online form.

Who provides reliable commercial cleaning services for car dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area?

Your dealership is a multifunctional facility with a wide range of spaces to be cleaned, including the showroom, service bays, waiting areas, offices, restrooms, storage areas, and parking lot. The Facility Pro team of professionals for car dealership cleaning service will keep your premises sanitized and sparkling to create the ideal showcase for the vehicles you sell and the automotive services you offer.

Our management’s long-standing cleaning industry experience, our highly detailed approach, and emphasis on consistency and exceptional customer service makes us the premier choice for all your commercial cleaning needs in the Greater Toronto Area. Our services are available for other types of facilities, including meticulous commercial and janitorial cleaning of financial institutions, detailed cleaning of warehouse facilities throughout the region and more.

Our services are available throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether your facility is located in Downtown Toronto, Pickering or Markham, you can depend on us for all your commercial cleaning needs. Contact us today and schedule a free, no obligation on-site quote for our car dealership cleaning service or for any other type of commercial facility cleaning that you require.